Friday, 12 June 2015

The Charlie Charlie Challenge...

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I'm going to talk about something a little different today, the 'Charlie Charlie Challenge' most of you probably know what the Charlie Charlie Challenge is, but if you don't, it is when you get a piece of paper and split it into 4 sections and write 'yes' on the top right and bottom left and 'no' on the top left and bottom right, then across the lines you drew to split the page into segments you place one pencil on the horizontal line and one other pencil balanced on top of the horizontal one pointing vertically, then you ask 'Charlie Charlie are you here?' and the balanced pencil is supposed to turn to 'yes' if he is there.
You may be wondering who 'Charlie' is, and the answer is that he is supposedly a Mexican demon, or a child with red eyes who was killed. After you have finished asking him questions, you have to ask him 'Charlie Charlie can I/We leave?' if the pencil turns to no, you have to keep playing until he finally agrees, but if he says yes you may leave. If you don't ask him this and just leave the rumour is that he haunts you forever.

My Experience

 Me and a group of my friends (10 or 11 of us in total) tried this challenge out at school on our break time, we did it outside, under a shelter but it was not windy and we were all shielding the board/paper anyway. To begin we classically asked 'Charlie Charlie are you here?'... No reply. So we tried multiple times... nothing. In the end we were all joking about and I said 'Charlie Charlie are you a dickhead?' (sorry for the language) and to our surprise it turned to yes! Some people got scared and some were laughing until someone owned up to blowing the pencil. We continued to trial it and asked it again 'Charlie Charlie are you here?' This time it actually turned to yes and nobody could have blown it as we made sure that no one could have. We all freaked out a little, but gave in and continued asking him different questions, most of which got no replies, he only answered to me when I spoke... Eventually we all gave up and asked if we could go, numerous times it didn't work but eventually it turned to yes, so we snapped the pencils and ripped up the paper.

All of what I just said, was 100% true, however there is a logical explanation for the whole thing!


You have to balance a pencil on top of another pencil, and this isn't how pencils should naturally be so gravity forces it to move! The pencils have to be so finely balanced on top of each other that even the slightest little breath or unbalanced surface will push it around! It's as simple as that! Once you think into it it isn't scary at all!
And as for things happening if you don't say goodbye, it is just your imagination, if you think hard enough about something you can trick yourself into thinking things are happening or something is true, but its your eyes and mind playing tricks on you! Don't worry!

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