Saturday, 13 June 2015

Get to know me tag!

ADashOfBecks here!

Today I am going to do the 'Get to know me tag!' I saw it on the internet and decided it would be a fun blog post to do! So without any further ado, here it goes!

1. Name? Rebecca
2. Nicknames? Becks
3. Birthday? I'll just say the year as I want to be anonymous... 2000
4. Place of Birth? England
5. Occupation? Still at school

6. Hair colour? Brown
7. Hair length? Super long
8. Eye Colour? Blue
9. Best Feature? Eyes
10. Braces? Nope!
11. Piercings? I used to have my ears pierced... Does that count?
12. Tattoos? No but I want one when I'm old enough!
13. Righty or Lefty? Depends.. Right for writing and football, but left for things like opening stuff.

14. Best Friend? A Girl I met in reception/kindergarten (First year of school)...
15. Award? Karate awards probably?
16. Sport? Ballet and Tap-Dancing (cringe)
17. Real Holiday? America 2003
18. Concert? X-Factor tour 2007

19. Film? I have a few, either Pitch Perfect, Divergent, Wild Child or Walking on Sunshine
20. TV Show? Coronation Street (British Soap)
21. Colour? Blue, Lime green or Hot pink
22. Song? Jessie J - Flashlight
23. Restaurant? That's a hard one.. probably... I actually don't know..
24. Store? JD, Primark or River Island
25. Book? Girl Online - Zoe Sugg
26. Magazine? 110% Gaming
27. Shoes? Air Max, Air Force or Huaraches


28. Feeling? Relaxed
29. Single or Taken? Single :D
30. Eating? Nothing :(
31. Listening to? Never Be - 5 Seconds of Summer
32. Thinking about? This questions answer, haha.
33. Watching? Nothing.
34. Wearing? Some rather fetching Flip Flops, Black jeans, and an illuminous Junior Soccer Factory T-shirt (bearing in mind im not going out wearing this, haha)

35. Want Children? Yessss, 2, a boy and a girl..
36. Want to be Married? Yepp
37. Careers in Mind? Professional Blogger and Youtuber (Yikesss) or a Lifegaurd
38. Where do you want to Live? America or Brighton.
39. God? I believe in something.. Not God as such.. But something...
40. Miricles? Yep, no doubt about it.
41. Love at First sight? Yeah
42. Ghosts? Yeah definatley.
43. Aliens? Well, I believe there is life on another planet.
44. Soul Mates? If you treat each other well, then yeah, why not?
45. Heaven? Couldn't even answer that, no clue.
46. Hell? Same answer as heaven.
47. Kissing on the first date? If you've known each other and been friends for a while, yes. If you've just met then no.
48. Yourself? Woah.. Grab your snorkle mask and diving gear! This has just got deeeeeep...  I believe that if I try my hardest doing what I love then I can succeed, So yes, but if I don't try then, no.

There you go! That was the Get to know me tag! Sorry about the short/indirect kind of answers for some of the qustions.. Its just I'm trying to stay as anonymous as possible at the moment :).
Sorry if any of my answers offended any of you guys, its just my opinions and I honestly don't mean too!
I Tag anybody who has read this and hasn't/wants to do it!
Good luck guys!
Much Love,


  1. I also believe in Ghosts and love my Nike Max haha <3

    1. Aww, I couldn't live without my air max, love them so much! Thanks for checking out my blog, I've checked out yours, it looks awesome! Fancy leaving me a follow if you like what you see? It really helps and means a lot! I'm going to leave you a follow!! x

  2. Replies
    1. Really! We must be quite alike! Thanks for checking out my blog! Would you be kind enough to leave me a follow if you like what you see? It really helps and means a lot! m going to check your blog out now! x

  3. hello I have come across your blog, and might I say I quite like it, I definatly belive in ghost I am pretty sure I have seen three ahah xo
    also... I too have started a anonymous blog and was wondering if you could check out my blog, I mean you don't have to but it would be very appreciative, thank you

  4. It would be my pleasure! Thank you so much for checking out my blog and for your really kind comment <3 Also thanks so much for the follow! It really does mean the world to me and helps me out so much! Thank you! xoxo

  5. This looks like such a fun tag to do!
    What was the x factor tour like?x

    1. It really was a fun tag to do! You should try it!
      The x-factor tour was quite good for what I can remember, It was a while ago now! Haha, but yeah!
      Hope you like my blog! Thanks for taking a look! xoxo

  6. Loved learning a little about you!! I really enjoy these because I find people facinating (sounds so creepy lol) but I've always wanted to go around and hear peoples stories and feature them on my blog...maybe one day. Awesome post!!


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    2. Awrh thanks! I know what you mean about finding out about people though! I'm the same :p!
      Thanks for looking at my blog hope you enjoyed!! xoxo

  7. My favourite song is also Flashligh by Jessie J and I looove Divergent. Great post.


    1. Thanks for checking out my blog!! Hope you enjoyed!
      I absolutely love Flashlight!! and Divergent is amazing, the film and book, have you seen insurgent yet? xoxo