Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Little Weekend Away!

ADashOfBecks here!

Today, I thought I'd do a little blog post about what I have been up to, as it has been half term last week in England, so most school kids have had a week off and went back to school yesterday! 
Anyway, During last week I didn't do very much. I went to a party, and was with my Nan for the rest of the week. Apart from on Friday..
On Friday my Sister, her Boyfriend, her Boyfriend's Mum and her Boyfriend's Sister Went on a little road trip! I got picked up at 3:00 PM and we went on our way to Bristol to do a little bit of shopping (I have no pictures from Bristol unfortunately) at Cribbs Causeway, a huge shopping centre, or mall if you are American. There are quite a wide range of shops, and I highly recommend going down to do some shopping if you live near there or are passing!
After this, we took another little travel to Weston-Super-Mare, which, if you are unsure, is a little seaside town just down from Bristol. It isn't very 'happening' as you might say, but it is a nice day out to go and get some fish and chips and sit on the pier or at the sea front if it is sunny, and maybe have a paddle in the sea!

After we'd been to Weston we headed to our Hotel that we were stopping in, and on the way there, we got a little, sneaky peek of the destination we were heading to the next day... STONEHENGE!  

We stopped in a lovely little hotel/bed and breakfast, called "Fairlawn House" Located in Amesbury. Which gave you access to free parking, free WIFI and Breakfast was included in the morning! It was the most popular little hotel in the area, with Stonehenge being a 5 minute drive away! I deeply recommend it if you are planning on stopping down there.

As I said, on the Saturday, we went to Stonehenge at 11:00 AM, It was absolutely amazing! Even though you were not aloud to touch the stones as such, you got a very eerie and spiritual feeling when you are there, as if it has its own powers surrounding it. When you get there they either lend you a strange telephone like thing to listen to an audio tour on or you can download the audio tour on your phone's app store as we did, all of the information on the audio tour is fascinating and you can learn quite a lot from it, I believe that even if you are not really into old Castles, ruins and stuff like this, it will be a nice trip out as I think the spiritual nature of it warms to everybody.
Here are some pictures from Stonehenge.

Then, Finally after Stonehenge, we took a trip to Bath, It is a very old, cultural town, as it has been around for centuries, since the Roman times. The buildings and Scenery are so special and beautiful, it is just a truly astonishing place!

In Bath, we went to the Roman Baths Museum, where we got an audio tour (not accessible from app stores) around the Roman Baths, all of the water used was natural and from the fresh water Spring, which is actually the only Thermal Spring in the UK! I'm not going to give too much away about it as you may want to pay a visit soon! I definitely recommend it! It is a great day out and is beautiful!

And, that is the end of my Road Trip! I hope you enjoyed my little review and guidance to visit, all of the places that I have been. They are truly worth the travel and are not too expensive in price. None of this has been sponsored I just thought I'd recommend some places to you guys!

Also a big thank you to all of the support I have been getting! Hope you enjoyed this blog post!
That's all for now!

Much Love,


  1. Stonehenge looks amazing! I need to go there sometime soon.

  2. It's totally worth it! Its a great day/weekend out, very interesting and lots to do around the area, not even very expensive! let me know if you go! Would love to know that I've influenced it! x